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Stat updates have been increased to 4 times per day.


Bug preventing users from adding RieselSieve to an existing sig fixed.

Added: Seti@Home stats added.


Proteins@Home has been added. smiley

Also, starting earlier today, stats updates will be run twice per day. At some point it may be increased to 4 times per day - baby steps first, though. Last, I think I may have discovered why images seem to cache for some people, but not for others. More info to follow.


BOINC projects are now set to use Project ID instead of Username, which should help for those that aren't using a unique username. It should also help if you use a longer username (previously it was set to accept ~30 letters/numbers).


Do you see something like this in your stats?


Most of the time, this happens due to incorrect username input - so if you see it, make sure you check that you have entered the correct username. (the warning that used to display due to incorrect username seems to have disappeared - I'll place adding a warning on my to-do list so that there is less confusion) In the meantime, Docking@Home has been added to the stats list, and Cuboids should be available by the end of the day (working out the last few details). Added: Cuboids finished as well...let me know if you have trouble with either.


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